We’re into the second Week of our Fall Session and loving every minute of it! I would like to thank all of our parents for volunteering for the various jobs that keep our community humming.

We also are very excited about the new exhibits being built in the Gallery and can’t wait to see what the final result is going to be.

A few things to note for the coming weeks:

1. The Lutz will be having the exterior brick cleaned and repaired beginning on October 17 and continuing through the remainder of our session. We may notice a bit of noise during this process, but we’re sure the end result will be worth it. If the repair work presents a problem for any of our classes, we are open to creative ways to work around it. Thank you in advance for your patience.

2. We have several new families in our group this session. I would like to ask our older families to make a point of reaching out to new members and welcoming them in. I’m sure this is already happening (’cause I know you’re a friendly bunch), but I wanted to make a point of mentioning it. If you haven’t already done so, take a minute and look around to see if there’s someone you don’t yet know, then go say hello! 🙂

3. I’m attaching a revised version of our schedule: Fall 2012 Schedule. We’ve had a couple of location changes that you should all be aware of. Specifically, two classes (Everyday Law and Petstory) have moved into the Gallery space. I believe they are both using the Barn in the Farm area. We will have a sign up next week when the classes are in session. If you could help by keeping your younger children in the Main Street area of the Gallery during these classes it would be much appreciated! (Please also be aware that some of the concepts discussed in the Everyday Law class may not be appropriate for very young children to overhear.)

Also, especially for new families, if you haven’t already done so, please read the About Us page on this website. There we outline our community expectations and policies, as well as general information about our group. These, combined with the Welcome email you received before classes began should explain everything you ever wanted or needed to know about MHC. But if you do have any questions about our group, or about the particular classes you’re taking, or really anything else, feel free to let us know. Talk to a committee member on-site, comment on this post, shoot us an email at committee@mhcct.org or call me at 860-836-0671. We love to hear from you!

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