MHC Winter Wonder Land

A Science, Technology and Innovation Fair

Why do some Beyblades spin longer than others?  How does a laser work?  Why does my voice sound different when I’m sick? Can a hamster create electricity?

Great discoveries start with great questions. Wonder, investigate, and innovate this winter, then share it with the MHC community at this non-competitive, just-for-fun event.  Participants are invited to present projects and demonstrations in any area of science, technology, and engineering.  From the edge of the known universe to nanobots and everything in between, where will your curiosity take you?

Participants should be prepared to give a short description of their project and answer questions from curious spectators.  Each participant will receive a ribbon and certificate to recognize their hard work and accomplishment.

Advance registration is required! RSVP to by February 20th. Include participant name(s), project title, space/electrical access needs, and one or two questions to be used in the Science Fair Passport (see below). There is a $5 per participant fee, payable the day of the event. Registration and set-up begins at 12:30, with the event officially beginning at 1:00.  An awards ceremony will take place at 2:00.

Science Fair Passport Program

Participants and spectators can learn and have fun taking a journey through the Science Fair Passport Program.  Visit each exhibit to find the answers to questions and collect stamps for your passport.  Complete your passport to receive a special science fair prize!

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