Engineering Fundamentals with Lego (2010)

Class Description: Design and build motorized machines, catapults, pyramids, demolition derby cars, truss and suspension bridges, buildings, and other constructions.  Explore concepts in physics, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, and architecture while playing with your favorite creations.  This is a hands-on and minds-on class suitable for LEGO® novices to “maniacs.”  This class is not affiliated with the LEGO Group.

Belt Drive Cars Intro to Motors / Batteries / Pulley Systems
Corbelled Arch Bridges Bridge Design, Architectural Corbels, Overlapping
Gear Drive Cars Gear Ratios: Torque Vs. Speed
Inchworms Eccentric Motion, Complex Gear Train
Castles and Catapults 1st, 2nd, 3rd Class Levers, Fulcrum, Throw
Carnivals Crown Gears, Meshing Gears at 90 degrees
Spinning Tops Angular Momentum, Center of Gravity, Centripetal Force
Gondolas Friction and Slippage, Continuation of Belt-Drive system
Skid Steering Vehicles Steering Mechanisms, Friction
Battle Tracks Rack Gear System, Monorail Vehicle Design


The goals of the class are to:

(1)       Develop and enhance students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills

(2)       Expose children to concepts and vocabulary of Engineering, Architecture, and    Physics

(3)       Provide an opportunity to have a great time with a terrific building toy

Students work individually, in teams, and as a group throughout the sessions.  A short discussion and demonstration of the day’s topic starts each meeting.
Children are given a design/building assignment.
Instructors will provide individual assistance and
instruction and facilitate challenges, performance testing, competitions, and modifications to projects.

Instructor: Andrew Escalera (  Feel free to contact Andrew with any questions or for more information.

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