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Here is a website that I think will be of great interest to homeschoolers.  The Connecticut based website allows homeschoolers to sell back their textbooks for cash.  We were wondering if we could be included on your Outside Groups/Resources page.  Here is some information about the company:

In today’s economic climate, people are looking for additional ways to make more money.  An easy way for them to earn extra cash is to resell their books online.  Almost everyone has books that they have finished reading, and they wonder what to do with them.  They can resell them for cash to the online book buyback website also buys back textbooks from students.  It gives students an opportunity to compare buyback offers at the college bookstore, and the book buyback website giving them the opportunity to get the most cash back for their textbooks.  Here is an article about that was recently published in the Hartford Courant: buys back a variety of books such as: college textbooks, current bestsellers, recent nonfiction, high school textbooks, homeschooling books, professional, etc.  After placing a buyback order, the customer is able to print a free pre-paid shipping label.  This allows them to ship books to absolutely free.  Once the books are received by, payment is issued by check or PayPal within 2-3 days.


This is an invaluable service for people who enjoy reading and for homeschool families looking to get the most money back for their textbooks.

Thank you.
Hanna Cook

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