It’s A New Spring!

The weather really is moving toward the direction of Spring and we’re so happy to have started up Monday Homeschool Classes again this session!

We had a great beginning day, with everyone working together to figure out those first-day details. Whether it was families locating their classes, teachers locating their chairs (thanks to you all for rolling with the punches on that one) or me locating my coffee cup (multiple times), we all managed to find what we needed. And we had no trouble locating the friendship and laughter that makes our Mondays a pleasure!

We’re also happy to welcome some new families this session. As full as we are, we always appreciate the chance to welcome additional homeschool families into our midst. Several of you have mentioned that it would be helpful to have pictures of all the families so that we could more easily remember each other’s names. This is the session I’m actually going to work to make that happen. If you would like your families’ picture to be included on a password protected page on our website, send me a picture and I’ll work on getting them up there.

And beginning next week, I’ll start putting up pictures from each week as well. So if you happen to snap a cool picture from your day at Monday Classes, send it along and I’ll include it in my next post. Pictures are always password protected and are only visible to other members of our group. However, if you would prefer your child not be included for any reason, just let me know.

Have a great week, and I’ll see you all on Monday!


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Admins posts are made by Laurel LaPorte-Grimes, Program Organizer of Monday Homeschool Classes. Laurel spends way too much time thinking about MHC, and can frequently be spotted at the Lutz museum up to her armpits in children. She can also be found emailing people and posting updates at crazy hours of the night. Feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns you may have about MHC.

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