Fiber, Friends and Fun

Fiber, Friends, and Fun: That’s a part of what this week at MHC consisted of. After having both Gym Games classes inside last week, Kellie decided to take them outside this week if at all possible. Luckily the weather cooperated, giving us temperatures in the high 40s, allowing kids to cavort about in the snow to their hearts’ content. When I stopped by, the game seemed to involve running around in a circle in the snow without getting tagged…I think. I didn’t have my own snow boots on, so I couldn’t get close enough to be sure. Whatever the rules, though, the kids were very engaged in what appeared to be high-stakes running around in a circle–a fabulous activity for a warm winter day!

Back inside, the kids in Teen Homeroom did what teens do best. Absolutely nothing. And that is a highly productive thing for teens to do together at the end of a very busy day. Many of these kids started their day with a business math class, followed by a collaborative film-making challenge, a literature analysis class, and an exercise in improvisation in front of their peers. Hanging out doing nothing in the company of friends, allowing their brains to catch up a bit, was the perfect way to end their very full Monday.

And earlier in the day, there was a bit of yarn hanging about. A collection of children and adults mysteriously found their way to the barn for a bit of fun with fiber. The lengths they would go to in order to create an amazing array of infinity scarves was truly a wonder to behold. And you can behold this wonder yourself on our Pictures page. New images await you there.

Stay tuned next week for a peek into the world of bookmaking, and more. See you on Monday!

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