Thanks and Acknowledgements

Monday Homeschool Classes is a community supported by many individuals and organizations.  On this page we would like to publicly acknowledge some of them:

  • The Lutz Children’s Museum and The Eastside Neighborhood Resource Center graciously provide us with the space to run our programs and the invaluable support of their on-site staff.
  • The Array Group generously hosts our website and provides much-needed technical support.
  • The Little Theater of Manchester generously agreed to host us for September and October 2011, while the Lutz was undergoing renovations.
  • Monday Homeschool Classes are taught mainly by parent volunteers, without whom we simply wouldn’t be here.
  • Several of our classes are offered by professional instructors, who work hard to keep our fees as low as possible.  These have included Andrew Escalera, Rachel Hadyka, Sonali Karim, Dance Progressions and UConn’s Community School of the Arts.
  • Monday Homeschool Classes member families are the heart of our community.  We work together to provide an enriching, cooperative learning environment for our children.

Thank you for your generous support!

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