Teen Code of Conduct – 13 yrs and older

Parents and Teens 13 years and older
2018-2019 Monday Homeschool Classes and Teen Activity Group (TAG)
Guidelines and Expectations


In order to keep our community safe, strong and vibrant, we have the following Code of Conduct for our MHC teen classes, and for all members and guests attending our TAG events.



– I understand that if my teen is participating in MHC classes, I am expected to volunteer in some capacity, either teaching a class or volunteering in some other way.

– I understand that if my teen is attending classes at The Loft I may drop them off, unless I am specifically requested to remain on-site by their instructor or the MHC administrative team.



– I understand that MHC teachers and TAG volunteer chaperones work to ensure that attendees are safe and appropriate while at MHC classes and/or TAG events. In the event that a teacher or chaperone needs to give me direction, I will respond appropriately.

– I understand and agree that all members of the group should remain safe from any forms of abuse or harassment, through actions or language. I will not engage in inappropriate behavior.

– I agree to be respectful to all students, attendees, teachers and/or chaperones, both through my actions and language which includes texting and all social media sites, etc.

– I agree to refrain from taking and/or posting pictures and/or videos without the permission of the subjects of the picture/video. This is an invasion of personal space and privacy that will not be accepted by this group.

– I understand that we are guests at the museum, The Loft or other event location and agree to represent my family and community appropriately. I will respect the facility and its property and staff.

– I understand that if I need to leave our assigned area, I will alert a chaperone prior to doing so. This area will be either in class, in the interior of the museum, or another appropriately designated area if the event occurs at somewhere other than the Lutz, Oak Grove or The Loft.

– I fully understand that my attendance at all MHC classes and/or TAG events is contingent on my respecting the above.



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