Expectations for Parent & Children – 12 yrs and younger

Expectations for our Monday Homeschool Classes Community

Parents & Children 12 yrs old and younger

In order to keep our community safe, strong and vibrant, we have the following expectations of our member families:

– Each family will support the community by volunteering in some capacity, as they are able.  Most of our classes are offered by parents and we encourage all parents interested in teaching a class to respond to our call for classes, which comes out prior to each session.

– Parents, Teachers and Class Helpers must work together to ensure that children are safe and appropriate while at the Lutz Children’s Museum, the Oak Grove Nature Center and The Loft.  Specifically:

  • Children must have a responsible adult on-site at all times at the Lutz Children’s Museum & The Oak Grove Nature Center.
  • If children have a class at The Loft, they may be dropped off in the care of their teachers & on-site chaperones if their parents need to take younger siblings to classes at other MHC campus locations. Parents must remain at one of the MHC campus locations.
  • Children 8 years old and younger are expected to remain in class until their parent comes to get them.
  • Children 12 years old and younger are not allowed outside the building without an adult. Please either remain with your children, or place them in the care of another adult, at all times.
  • Please be respectful of the spaces that we are in. Walk and use quiet voices when inside buildings.
  • Only climb on items intended to be climbed on; do not jump down from things you have climbed onto.
  • When in the parking lots, children must remain at all times within arms distance of an adult.
  • Do not run with sticks or use them (or anything else) as a weapon.
  • There should be no violent physical contact.  Any adult in the vicinity is expected and encouraged to step in if it appears that a situation is verging on becoming physical.

In general, we expect both children and parents to listen to each other, treat each other with respect and resolve differences appropriately.  Ultimately, you are responsible for your own children, but we also expect and encourage parents to watch out for all children in our community.

We understand and agree to the expectations of the Monday Homeschool Classes community.

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