A Few Fun Weeks

We’re just finishing up our Spring break week and I’m taking this opportunity to catch up with the MHC blog. Our last few weeks before the break felt very quiet, what with a host of sick teachers and families. I’m hoping that everyone has managed to get well over our break week and we’ll all come back this coming Monday refreshed and ready for our last two weeks of regular classes.

The weather has also finally gotten nicer, so beginning this Monday, we’re going to begin blocking off the crosswalk and asking parents to not park in the small section of the parking lot past the crosswalk. This will keep the crosswalk clear of cars, and help increase the safety of kids crossing over to the back field. (The Lutz staff will continue to park in this small lot, so you may still see one or two cars there.)

Please remember that any child under the age of 13 must have a designated grown-up with them when they leave the building. If your child would like to go outside and you need to remain indoors, please ask another grown-up to walk outside with them and be responsible for them. Or walk them out yourself and ask one of the adults already outside to keep an eye on them. We function as a community, and in general, other parents are happy to help out. However, please bear in mind that it is not enough to simply have grown-ups outside. You need to actually speak to someone about being responsible for your child.

If your child is 13 years or older, they may go outside on their own as long as 1) there are other adults outside the building, 2) they let an adult know they are going outside to the field, and 3) they check in with an adult once they get to the field and let them know when they’re heading back in.

Also, even with the choas of having sick teachers, I did manage to get a few pictures over these past few weeks, and I’ve posted them under our Spring pictures page. Thanks to those of you who took pictures for me, or sent them to me for posting.

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