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Monday Homeschool Classes (MHC) is a cooperative of families. Our mission is to provide enriching and cooperative learning experiences to our children, in an environment that promotes the love of learning and human connection. We welcome and encourage diversity in all areas, including (but not limited to) race, gender, family composition, learning styles and abilities. We welcome feedback from our members about how to support all of our families and children in their journey. 

To further our goal, we have partnered with the Lutz Children’s Museum to offer a variety of classes and other programs. Most classes take place on Mondays at the Lutz Children’s Museum. In addition, many of our teen classes are offered in a space near the Lutz Museum which we call “The Loft”. The specific location will be announced prior to the start of classes.

Before you check out our current Schedule and Registration, be sure to read:

We also provide a page with information about outside groups and resources.  If you know of something our members might be interested in, please send us the relevant details, along with your contact information in case they have questions.

How to Reach Us

If you have any general questions, or to receive our latest updates and early notification of our new schedule and registration information, you may contact us at committee@mhcct.org

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